Ways to order data visually

Good day everyone.

Here is my problem.

A certain user inputs data called educational stages, like 1st grade, 2nd grade, and so on. I can’t prevent the user to input 2nd grade first before 1st grade, so I’m here to ask what is the best way to deal with these types of data? I’m thinking of a drag-and-drop list but it would be hard controlling it on mobile when the user got like 10 or more data to sort.

Are the stages pre-set, like ‘1st Grade’, ‘2nd Grade’, etc?
Or does the user create the stage, and it may be something that doesn’t involve a number?

What I mean is, if the user is choosing from stages already set by you, they can have an order defined and be sorted automatically.

Sorry for replying late. :sweat:

I’m not really sure if I want the stages to be predefined because there may be changes that can happen like adding a stage before 1st Grade, like Preparatory stage.

OK, I just think it would make things a lot easier if the stages were pre-defined.
Possibly they could be pre-defined with an order, but could be added to by a user. Though you still have the problem of the user needing to place the stage in its place when adding a new one. But that only need be done once, if the place is stored on entry.

But the user would be dependent on the dev if there are no options to create a new record. :thinking:

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