Ways to make your blog more popular

Those who plan to start their own blogs, or those who are finding their blogs “unread” 90% of the time, here’s a checklist to know whether you are blogging right up popularity’s alley.

(I’ve read this article from blogohblogdotcom/50-creative-ways-to-make-your-blog-popular/)

You can share your blog’s url on Facebook or twitter. Also you can Bookmark them

I can’t agree with your “49. Write about something that’s already famous.” What is the benefits of doing this???

I go off in many different directions compared to what that list entails there when it comes to blogging for my blog. I guess it all comes down to what works for you and what will do best for your blog. In my case, a lot of those things will have no effect. Good post nonetheless.

This is a great list to show off your blog. The summary of all of this is “link bait”. All of these all boils down to spreading the link love all over the net.

Very nice post and interesting as well. I would like to add one more point that you can also send pings when you update your Blog

Wont google penalize you for putting up your link in those link farms?

Certian link farms can cause you trouble, you have be careful. Doing this with ethics in mind is really the best way to ensure your not going to be penalized.

This is the underlying idea on the list that i’m asking myself. My follow up questions are these: how do we know if a certain site is a link farm and nothing more? Is there an (un)official list of such sites banned by google?

Sorry, but if you want to talk about SEO, please do it in the SEO Forums. This forum is about content for your website. There are some good topics on that list about content. Please move this discussion in that direction.

Will do shyflower. Question – can i simply post this thread’s link on the SEO forum as a reference? (Asking, coz i’m trying not to strike out). =)

I have moved your thread for you.

share real content, then publish on social bookmarking, social networkign sits and blog directories.

This is right and organic.
add fresh contents on page, share page with unique content on social bookmarking & social networking sites.

I like:

Write an e-book and distribute it to your visitors for free.

Every blogger should have his / her own signature product and allow readers to distribute as well =) This method rocks!