Ways to earn money on product review website


I am working on designing a product review website, baby products.

It will have the products information, pics, video etc. No selling though.

Can you guys please advise me on the ways I can earn money on my webiste. Like advertising etc?

As I have no idea,since new to all this. Would love to hear any comments, suggestions, info please.

Thanks a lot, looking forward to info.

People buy products online.You have endless list of products that you can review and it’s like a win-win game if you are a little bit smart. Publishing reviews has become easier.You do not need to spend even a single buck to start your work of publishing reviews. If you are really interested and ready to review a product honestly then there are free blogging platforms which will help you to start. You can use “pay per click” and other ads method to earn some money. The idea of review brings people closer.With the help of blogs and review sites, people can comment and ask more questions about any product. This conversation brings them closer and builds a relationship. Through social media you and your readers can share your review to help others. This will create a large network after some time and you will be able to earn more and more.

Hi. Thanks a lot for your advise. I will consider those options and read more about them.

It depend on your traffic to earn money online to earn without selling any product. You need to promote your site specially your videos on popular video site like you tube, daily motion, Also update or increase your content and pages of website . For more earning you can apply info links to your site. I recommended you only apply Google adsense it gives you better earning .

Thanks a lot. I am getting more confidence with your responses, and they give me more ideas.

I appreciate all advises.

Thanks guys

Amazon affiliate program has heaps of items and probably the items you’re reviewing if they’re popular.
The program pays commission for visitors who buy the product through your link so you can encourage visitors to buy the cheap link after your review

Great advise.Thank you:))))

You’re welcome! good luck

Other than reviews, you can also create tutorials. Like how to use the product.

Or baby tutorials. that then leads to your reviews for products. Again Amazon affiliate would be the most suitable.

Yes definitely I want to demonstrate product features, show them in action. Should be very helpfull.

Rather than branding your website as a review website, why not brand it as a tutorial website?
People are more interested in solutions rather than products.

Solution to a problem > A product

That is an interesting point to consider. I am will definitely give it a thought, since nothing is finalised yet. Thanks

i think you must go with google adsense. other option was doing affiliated marketing.
if still not happy with that then if your site have good ranking good pr and good reputation then just mail on review product company and told them you are writing review on this product so its benefit you and your site in seo i will give you backlink bla blahh…and say that i will charge only 50$ they will say yes.
in this view your site must be good reputation and good pr.

I doubt very much they will say “yes”, because no reputable company is going to violate Google’s guidelines and risk having a negative impact on their SERPs.

There are many publisher sites that allow you to publish their advertising on your website. Since your website is content driven I don’t think you will find it an uphill task to get the approvals from those sites. In fact monetizing your website is a great option when it comes to picking the best publisher programs.

This is definitely way better than reviewing.

I agree with dancingjellynean, you can get $ from Amazon affiliate program, plus combined google adsense on your review website, the effectiveness over many.

an easy way to make money and most familiar tool integration with google ads on google adsense website, but only if the content of your website gives the best experience for users

Concentrate more on building a great site. Money will surely follow once you are able to build a good site.

Just to add on, Google is really penalising the websites that are affiliates and just linking to products.
A great way to hide under googles radar is to no follow your pages

So write articles about a solution > Link to a review article (no follow) > Link to the affiliate

This also allows you to increase internal link building, good for bounce rates.