Way to pull titles from a form

Hi everyone,

For awhile now I’ve been working to retrofit a '04 era order form made by a predecessor of mine into the modern century however while I’ve been trying to modernize the code, the form appears to be built on a very bloated JS base, however due to a tight budget, I’m stuck retrofitting the form into the table based site rather than doing a total overhaul.

Currently the form is in order except for the fact that when you click review order, on the review order page, in the title area, you’ll see the item code and price rather than the name of the product. I’ve been trying to figure out how to place the item totals in there, but I’m having no luck.

I’ve enclosed the order form (named buyItems.php and the review form page named handleBuyItems.php).

Also, in the buyItems code, the item selectors actually repeat ten times so you don’t really need to check them all. I’m just leaving them in case it helps with organization and such.