Way to Delete Multiple Layers at Once in Photoshop?


I’m using Photoshop CS and was wondering if there is a way to highlight and delete multiple layers at once? I’ve tried dragging my mouse on them but it just moves whatever layer I’m on. Any help here would be appreciated.

Jodi :))


                       Once you have a bunch of layers linked together, you                            can hold Command (PC: Control) and click on the Trash                            icon at the bottom of the Layers palette to delete all                            the layers that are linked.

This doesn’t work in PS7 and below.

Click a layer and then ctrl click the TEXT of others or click a layer and shift click others

The question was aimed at CS…

Great, this is going to save me alot of time. Thank you to both of you!

Jodi :0)

i have PS7 how can I do it?

Select multiple layers with shift and drag them into the trash can - this should work.

Yeppers… Hold CRTL & click on layers to select them drag to bin. Or hold shift to select all.