Was Email service Providers affected by Social Networking sites

Older days Email is the main media of communicating with friends. But its changed we can see only technical mails in our inbox i.e no fun mails. I think the main factor is by social networking sites. What do you think about this…

Not happening with me as I am getting junk of forward mail about pictures,jokes etc…I don’t have time to read all those…

I think the main reason for the downfall of email is because it’s simply an old technology stretched beyond it’s intended means and there are much better ways of communicating. Instant messaging has opened up the idea of conferencing (no more need for carbon copy emails) and it can be done live. The issue of spam is a major contributing factor (and the lack of HTML email standards) but it was created in a time when social interaction was similar to the pager and fax generation. Now we are online 24/7 and engage each other differently, social networks like Google Wave are showing promise as a decent replacement for email :slight_smile:

E-mail is still an efficient means of communicating in the corporate world and will continue to have a place for a very long time.

One of the main advantages of e-mail is that it is asynchronous communication so that you don’t have to have everyone available at the same time for a meeting (whether it be in a conference room, in an online meeting, or via teleconference).

Another advantage of e-mail over conferencing and the such is that it gives people the time they need to get and present well thought out answers. Real-time interaction doesn’t allow for that unless everyone participating is an expert in their field or it’s one on one.

I’m not saying that email doesn’t have it’s uses (it does it’s job well), I was just pointing out that modern advances have paved the way for new methods of keeping in touch over the web which has reduced the dependency on email as the sole method to keep in touch digitally (and has reduced it’s usage as a result). :slight_smile: