Warning, Leaving Site

I have wordpress installed is their any plug in or script I can Install so when the user clicks a external link it displays a message?

P.S What category should this be in?

Probably in the “annoy your customers” category.

Sorry - didn’t mean to be flippant - but I think it would really annoy users. If you want people to be aware that they’re going then I’d think about styling external links differently by maybe adding a title attribute saying “external link” or possibly a little icon background image on external links via css classes.

I agree. If you want those users who are leaving to actually come back I wouldn’t do that. A simple icon can achieve the same thing and not be annoying.

Unless you have laws & regulation to worry about. Some industries are restricted by the government in how un-annoying they can be.

But as a blanket statement, yes, don’t do this :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone know a good script for doing this? Its actually a required feature for lots of sites that have medical info. Of course it is a terrible idea from the point of view of user experience and not needed for anyone under 35 who has not been living under a rock for the past 15 years and understands how websites work and that i’m not responsible for the content on someone else’s website even if i link to it - all i’m saying is that its worth looking at- not that its perfect. but… talk to the lawyers. until the legal community changes its mind about this its going to be something we have to do.

So… wordpress plugin anyone?