Warning From Google

Recently I am sharing more and more stuff on my Google plus account. I have been doing this since last week and I have receive one notice from Google. TO stop this kind of activity and they also consider me as an spammer. They track my mac address and stop all feature of G. What should I do now??

Stop trying to share so much at once that Google consider it spam.

Thanks felgall for taking interest in my thread. By the way I want to know that is there any limit of sharing ???

Google haven’t told any limitation for sharing, My suggestion is you have to share maximum 15 post a day in Google+(5 post of your website + 10 post with related images on your site niche).

How you spread the posts through the day may also make a difference.

You have a point because I share only my sites content and stuff. I never ever take interest in others post infect I create G+ account only for sharing purpose. I mainly active on Facebook and twitter. SO I guess I have to change my behavior towards Google+. I have to keep interest as like as Facebook and Twitter. Thanks all

Use Google+ the same way you would a Facebook fan page or even your personal Facebook page in the sense of what you share. You said you only share your own content and a lot of it all at once on G+, well change your distribution strategy.

I have been using google + since last year and I haven’t had this warning. Maybe you’re sharing too many posts at one time. I usually just share 1 or two everyday.

I don’t know what your goals are but if I was in that situation I would use facebook, twitter, linkedin or some other Social Media. To me Social Media is social. I realise to some it has nothing to do with social and everything to do with business and marketing. I for one don’t let Google run my life and do what I find fulfilling and if one social platform doesn’t suit my needs I look for a better one. I refuse to be a slave to Social Media. Either they work for me or they don’t.

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Few Days Stop to share any post to G+ After you can use G+ Tools To share your post Google Plus

Google plus sharing is very important , so don’t spam google plus by sharing more stuffs. I suggest you suspend your posting for now and check the content very well. Maybe someone reported you or something