Warning for xhtmlfactory.com, fraud

I often use feelancer anf a friend of my told me that http://xhtmlfactory.com/ was a polite PSD till tempelate builder. So i decided to try then.
Big misstake, i estemated the time to 7 days. 2 month later, after 23 emails and 18 promission of finished, hade no have started to ignore my email and calls.

I just wounder if any one else same experice whit this comapny?

Any one can give any advice?

First, don’t you think it is a bit strong that you define a company of fraud only because you had a bad experience?

I understand that they have not behaved as they should but I’m sure that you also had a certain moment where you have not performed even close to standards (at some point, we all have).

Some customers will be happy with them (maybe), and some will not (there’s always someone unhappy).

I don’t know anything about this company but the thing is that you’re not happy, you’ve paid and the job is not done. I don’t know where the problem lies or how they messed up, or maybe your expectations where too high

They say that they have a money back guarantee. I should say that you take your money back and go somewhere else.

Hmm, shouldn’t the thread title be edited if that’s the case? Just wondering…

There are two sides to every story. I’m not convinced that either side is accurately told by your post. My recommendation would be to rethink your communications and try another vendor.

I didn’t want to change the title because I don’t like to do anything without the Original Poster’s permission… but it seems that (s)he’s not interested in this thread anymore :slight_smile:

So a new member joins, accuses a company of fraud and then disappears… hmmm

(s)he’s been visiting the forums but (s)he didn’t post in this particular thread.

Ah, it happens. Some folks think posting something negative about a company or
so will negatively affect them.

Maybe, maybe not.

Hello to all,

Thanks to all forum members for understanding our position. Actually issue is simple - we didn’t answered for client’s email over the past weekend. It’s inconvenient for customer and shame for our support, but I believe that claiming us as “fraudsters” just because of temporarily miscommunication is incorrect.

Every company has history of customers who are unhappy with their services. Sometimes discussion of such issues appears in public places like sitepoint. Sure, customers are free to share their experience with particular service (either good or bad), but I think that they are should be honest and polite in that case.

I think that calling our company as fraud is definitely incorrect. This case maybe called bad customer experience, maybe unfulfilled expectations of our service, but definitely not a fraud.

We have moneyback policy and customer were given with choice - to continue a project or get money back. He has chosen to continue. I think in case of positive resolution of an issue in the end we will ask customer to remove that thread, because it makes damage to our reputation.

Thanks to all


If you mean deleting this thread, we will take into consideration but I do tell you that we only delete threads in very rare occasions and extreme cases.

I do think that since you’ve taken the time and will to answer to his concerns, even in public, speaks very well of you. Thanks for taking the time. :slight_smile:

Hi molona,

Thanks for your comment and sorry if I was unclear. I meant to ask customer to edit theme title and change inappropriate terminology used in customer’s claim.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members! :slight_smile:


He can’t change the title of this thread or edit it. For security reasons, you can only edit for 20-30 min.

I’m happy to change the title for you.

Off Topic:

Thanks for the kind wishes :slight_smile:

Hi molona,

Thanks. However I don’t think that this is honest approach :slight_smile: Another customers may decide that we’re fighting with negative feedback using direct communication with forum moderators.

So let’s leave this as it is :slight_smile: We’ve gained an experience and made conclusions about this case and hope that we’ll not fall into such situation again.


Wise decision. I would have asked Cermis, anyway, for the sake of transparency. If you finally decide to ask him to change the title, simply ask him to pm me.