[warn] pid file /apache/logs/httpd.pid overwritten?

[warn] pid file /apache/logs/httpd.pid overwritten?
Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run?
Apache/1.3.13 <Win32> running…

What is the correct way of shutting down apache?
Need help here im sure it just basic stuff to you guys
but im just starting to learn.

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this is the php forum, not the apache one :slight_smile: however…

you’ll see that error when the process was killed, or the machine rebooted.

best way to do it is …

/path/to/apache/bin/apachectl stop

or, if you’re on a virtual server, a raq, or similar:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/apachectl stop


/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd stop

I wouldn’t worry about unclean shutdowns tooo much. Apache does a good job of cleaning them.

If you would have read his/her post correctly you would have seen

Apache/1.3.13 <Win32> running…

Which means he is runing Apache on a windows platform therefore

apachectl does him/her no good.

I asssume that you are running apache by starting it from the start menu and using ctrl-c to close the dos window it runs in. If this is the case thats why you get the message. If you are on Win2k or XP please read the apache docs on hwo to run apache as service, this will take care fo your problem.

The only problem is im running it on (win98 oem)
Im using the phptriadsetup2-11.exe and then i upgraded
it tp pt_upgrade4-1-1.exe. On my first try i installed
everything fine by useing all the differtn packages.
Since then i found php triad which has made my install
painless.With me being a newbie i still haven’t figured
out how to shut down apache the correct way.
I have a used auto parts site that i want to run off php.
It has alot of form’s for used parts request. I want to
do them all in php. Im not sure if this is possible but
thats what im after. So in fact this post does belong in
the php cat. Also i need to make use of my mysql database.
Im heading in the rite direction but my learning curve is
going to be tremendess. Ive been looking for something
simple to install up on my host so i can study how it works!
I learn from getting things working but at this time i haven’t
had any luck installing any php scripts on my server. err!

Thanks for your post freddy and the post before even if im
on windows!

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oops, sorry, got carried away there.

the best bet, then, is to locate your apache executable, which is probably in

c:\program files\ he apache group\apache\bin\apache.exe

and from command prompt, once you’re in that folder, type

apache.exe stop

and that should stop it.

But, the point still stands, i wouldn’t worry about shutting down, etc - apache will clean up after itself pretty well.

i hope that’s more help.

If you want to create a shortcut use this:

D:\Apache\Apache.exe -w -n “Apache” -k stop

Make sure you change the path to Apache.exe

Sean :slight_smile: