Wanting to add a line of text below Fancybox image thumbnail

I am in the process of redesigning my business site and am using Fancybox 2 for my portfolio. I want to add a line of text below each thumbnail so that the visitors can see the url of the site. I have margins set to a certain width and every time I try to add the text, it throws off the alignment. Could someone please help me with this? Thanks. FYI, I know that I need to clean up the images as they are blurry.


If you make a test page with the captions in the code (or just do it on the page you linked to), we can suggest how to get them looking right. Given your current setup, it might be best to put the text inside a span next to each image. That will provide an adequate hook for styling.

Hi Ralph. I took your suggestion of a span and came up with something that seems to work. You may use the link above to check it out. I originally wanted to make this site responsive but as I go, I may have to scrap that.

There shouldn’t be any barrier to making it responsive. It’s all to do with planning your layout. Anyhow, are you happy with what you’ve got now?

It works. I will have to figure out what to get rid of image-wise for responsive. Background will definitely go as it is large or I will figure out how to shrink it. I love making graphic heavy sites as you well know. This will take some thinking about to make it responsive. I do thank you again for your suggestion of using span.