Wanting a script

I am wanting to build a website similar to www.collegeswapshop.com and www.studentretail.com. I think I will need a classified script, but I am not sure. I do know that I want users to be able to search by ISBN, authors, and a couple other ways; in addition to having only students register by using their school email address.

I know I have tried asking people locally for help and have been trying to offer compensation to those who are able to create a custom script, but to no success. Since I don’t have much money free will be best, but I will try to find a way to pay for it if needed to.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you in advance.

Here you can find some niche oriented Classified ad scripts with the full source code. There is license option which allows you to make your own changes to the code and even rebrand it. It’s functional and good looking. I think that’s a deal. I used their car listing script once for web design project and without hesitation can say it works awesome.

If you just need a search facility, you could install a CMS. Most of them allow searches like this. For example, WordPress, ExpressionEngine etc. Does that sound like it might help?

There’s a number of eCommerce packages availabe, such as:

zencart, magneto, OScommerce, and for wordpress: eShop, e-Commerce.

What is a CMS? I want to have students be able to trade, sell, and buy books from each other at no charge to post. So why would I need an eCommerce package? I am still ignorant to all this, so please understand.

A “content management system”. Basically, it’s a set of dynamic files around which your website is built, allowing for logins, posts, comments, meberships, uploading etc. A good example of a blogging CMS is WordPress; and a good example of a website CMS is [URL=“http://expressionengine.com/”]ExpressionEngine.