Wanted to share this new blender contest

I am hoping to enter it as well.
So i figured if I post that here, it’ll be an extra motivation for me to get something done and enter it.

but anyway. Love blender, in case there are other 3d minded folks here that are up for a challenge.


and so far…
& gotta do it by sunday nigth.

Cool! What is it? :smiley:

Just kidding, have fun and good luck!

that’s every artist favorite question! along w/“what is wrong with you?!?”
grazie guido! Spero che per quando sara finito, sara un po meglio.
Ciao :slight_smile:

When it’s finished, please show us the result.

So here it is. Shrimp Louie underwater search and rescue robot.
Not 100% done but as I only got to work on of for about a day & a half I am pretty happy with it. And my main goal was to enter & do something. Normally I want to do something, then procrastinate…then decide it’s too late. then forget about it. Next event will start earlier, have more time etc…
Now back to other stuff and of course, tonight breaking bad.