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Hello, I am Nitish Reddy Kotha lives in Orlando. I am a student and want to learn website designing online. Can anyone suggest me where I can find best online tutorials ?
Nitish Reddy Kotha

Hi Nitish. Check out SitePoint Premium, which has a full set of online learning materials — videos, books, etc. :slight_smile:

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Hi there! If you want to learn web design then you can go to the page where @raplhm has directed you. Other than that, you can also use Google as there are tons of tutorials about learning the basics of web design… Once you’re ready, I suggest you practice your newfound skill by using WordPress…:slight_smile:

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A word of caution: be careful where you learn from. Be sure the source is recent and reputable. There are a lot of tutorials floating about giving out-dated or poor practices. It is a very easy trap for a beginner to fall into, to learn the wrong things from the wrong places without even realising it.
I see many noobs in the forums using 90s style code, for example: in-line styles and wonder, where did they learn this from? :frowning:

To really learn code, I would avoid CMS and frameworks, at least to begin with, and learn to create code yourself, to get a proper understanding of how the html and css works.
People too often take short cuts to creating a site, but miss out on a lot by doing so, and subsequently run in to difficulties when the need to know how to code themselves because they skipped over the fundamentals.



I’m learning design web on teamtreehouse.com and feel so good.

There are many free video tutorial available online ie youtube

one of a best tutorial maker
Dev tips

i’m learning by myself using google and a little of “try and error” style. lol spend a lot of time but it’s worth it.

Welcome to the forums, @dennzz1001.

If using Google is working for you, that’s great. Two things I’d say though. Firstly, as @SamA74 has already mentioned, you need to ensure your source is both recent and reliable, so you don’t learn poor practices. The other thing is that I’d say a book or a structured online course is better for a complete beginner, because it will go through the basics in a logical order, ensuring each area is understood before expanding and building on that knowledge.

We see a lot of folk on the forums who have Googled for code and are trying to use it without having the basic understanding of how it works. Get a good, solid grounding first, and then try experimenting, would be my advice,

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