Want to buy sales lead,any advice?

Hi, we are a small SEO,and social media company located in Kolkata,India.
We are trying to buy sales lead for our company…from where we can buy?
Is there any market place for this type of services?
Can we generate or buy leads from social media sites?

Any idea or thought will be a great help.

We don’t have a marketplace here any more I’m afraid, but to be honest, I’m not sure we’d allow the sales of leads even if we did. We prefer to promote legitimate business practice (and unless I’m misunderstanding you, this doesn’t really fall into the legit category – apologies if I’m wrong).

If you’re an SEO and social media shop and you need to buy leads, aren’t you in trouble anyway?


We have different scenario…we have sufficient sales lead from our seo effort and adwords campaigns…but we like to know about other leads…as we know lot of people use to sell direct leads of seo services to the seo companies and web design companies, …so we love to know…how can buy those leads?

In-fact we have seen a good number of sales coming from those leads…but not sure how to contact those lead sellers…!

actually …I am looking for advice…about how to generate more leads instead of only seo,adwords or social media campaigns…let see…if I get a scope of leads.

I tried to find sales lead related category or market place on the forum…but didnt find any…so I hooked on this category…

accept my apology if its not suitable to discuss.

if u are a seo company put ur page on the first page of google for these following keywords and u will be getting more business than u can even handle i.e seo, seo company, seo services, seo packages

can you please tell me that what countries and audience you targeting?

any country around the world…USA,UK, Australia,Canada,UAE,Singapore…etc

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