Want to ask about Web Designing in Ruby on Rails

my skills: Html,CSS,Adobe Photoshop,Corel Draw,Illustrator,PHP and Dreamweaver.

Motto: To be an Advanced Web Designer.

i have heard about Web Designing(not talking about development) in Ruby on Rails using CSS PreProcessor like SASS & [URL=“http://lesscss.org/”]Less. i want to ask:

1>> Is this technology is in demand or not in market?

2>> If i want to learn this then what should i do?..i have heard about a book “Agile Web Development with Rails”. As the name tells us that this is for development. but is this book can be used for learning web designing in Ruby?

also any other advice is welcome :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Rails is a web development framework (with the emphasis on development).
If you are interested in designing websites using SASS and LESS, why not do just that?
You can do so completely independently of Rails.

Here are a couple of tutorials to get you started:


If I have misunderstood something or you have any questions, just let me know.

thanks for the links :slight_smile:

but is SASS and LESS are having scope for the job(as compared to Ruby on rails) in the future?

SASS and LESS are definitely good tools to have in your arsenal (although I don’t think you’d need to learn both), but I’m not sure how much knowing them will help you get a job.
I do some work as a freelance web developer and do some work with LESS, yet none of my clients could appreciate the difference between LESS or CSS (although to be fair I’ve never explained it to them).
If you’re going for jobs at web design agencies, maybe it’ll count more then.

ya this is the fact that client won’t be appreciating the difference,only the designer gets its relief. btw thanks Mr. Pullo :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Mr. Moneysharma :slight_smile:

I *doubt many would place high significance on whether a person who is proficient with CSS knows LESS or SASS. They are both failure easy to pick-up if you know some form programming or even JavaScript. Pretty much both of those things add many things which programmers would like to have in the first place. There really isn’t anything difficult about less or sass. Not enough to really warrant picking two candidates against on another unless they are so closely matched that a small thing like this might become a factor. At least that is how I would at it. I would pick a better front-end programmer over someone not as good with fundamentals but knows SASS or LESS any day.

The more important part of the puzzle is that if you would like to work in a ruby environment familiar with ruby and rails. That is probably 1000 times more significant than experience with LESS or SASS. That is really the same with any server-side technology whether it be php, python, .net, etc. Candidate familiarity working with a companies chosen programming ecosystem will be a significant concern for the employeer. While something like LESS or SASS might be part of that ecosystem those really aren’t core components unlike a server-side language. If you are interested in Ruby than learn ruby and rails than maybe a CSS pre-processor.

Very Very Thanks for the advice sir :slight_smile: