Want to add testimonials to my wp site and adjust a few things on the site

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hope you all are doing fine.

Recently I fired a developer who was hired to make my website. Reason being he was not listening to the instructions but doing whatever he thought was right. He made a mess on the site.

Now I am doing all the developing my self.

I need help in adjusting a few things on my site.

I want to add testimonials on my websites front page. how can I do that? which plugin can help me with that?

I don’t have alot of experience in wordpress development.

second, how can I add blog to my website? urls we usually see like example.com/blog(s)
how can I add it to my site.

third, there is and HTML error shown whenever the site is loading. Not sure what it’s.
can you tell me what it might be?

thanks a lot for all the help.

Testimonial plugins compared… https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/9-best-testimonial-plugins-for-wordpress/

As for blog to your website, WordPress itself is a blogging platform so it has everything you need to write blog posts (notice in your admin you have a section called “posts”). All you need is a page on your site that will list your posts. First login to your admin, go to “posts” on the menu on the left side. Click “Add New” to add a new post. Write a quick test post and hit “publish”. At the top of the post edit page you will see the new “permalink” to your post. You can link to this from other pages or if you want to list a bunch of posts you can build a template or install a plugin to have the posts list on other pages.

As for the error, we won’t know unless you show us the page and tell us what the error you are seeing is. Maybe even just screenshot it might be enough for someone to tell you what could be going wrong. But until we know more info, we can’t tell you what the problem is.

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