Want annoymous online page that

I Want annoymous online page which everytime changes its path so dat no1 knows exact url or can i mask url so my client or worker never knows…I mean website page which generate dynamic id but same content

So how would anybody know the URL to use to access it?

Use TOR.

Secret Squirrel communications, naturally.

The idea of a Universal Resource Locator is that anyone in the universe can find it, at the same location.

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Can masking url serves privacy

You can set up a URL that serves the content of a different URL, yes.

Why though?


One example would be an <iframe>. When you go to abc.html the content of xyz.html loads in the iframe. The URL for the page would always be abc.html, but the page that loads in the iframe could change.

Read the documentation. Install application. Do config etc.

Keyword: Proxy

which documentation

TOR documentation.