Wandering RepeatRegion closing tag

I’ve built a page (with help from a lynda.com DW with PHP & MySQL tutorial) which displays a header area with info from one database table row and then a second section below that which displays multiple rows. That second section starts out with <?php do { ?>
and then all the fields are inserted with if/ifelse/else sections. At the end of all the field instructions is the code <?php } while ($row_rsDirectoryList = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsDirectoryList)); ?>

For the first week or two the page behaved itself and it still does work properly online but when I look at the page in Design View in DW i see a yellow error tag to the side of the form: </MM_REPEATREGION>

It doesn’t seem to make any difference at all to how the form works but there’s obviously something weird going on or it wouldn’t have suddenly appeared. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing that?

The only thing I did, I think, prior to its appearance, was change one of the if/elseif/else blocks to include a div change. The repeat region ending code comes after the </div> for both the divs which are called by the if/elseif/else block. I needed to call a second div for a listing which had text content but no picture, so that there wasn’t a big blank space between the text-only listing and the listing which follows it.

I hope this all makes sense!

DW defines a repeat region as starting at the do { and ending at the } while. Anything inside that gets repeated when the script is run.
It might be that DW has ‘hidden’ its starting definition but if it still all works then run with it!

Thanks Mike. That’s what I figured but it just makes me nervous seeing the big yellow error message every time I look at the page. <LOL> I’ll go back in and check to see just where the ending code is situated and maybe I can move it around a bit to make the error msg go away.

I wouldn’t fiddle too much or it might break :wink:

Don’t worry - I won’t!! <LOL> I do have a Time Machine backup to revert to if I screw it up totally, though, so I’m fairly safe. I hope. <G>