Wamp Server x64 3.2.0, etc

It appears that wamp server wants Virtual Hosts which I believe I have done but still not working!
When I tested Port 3308, received a long error output!
Test for TCP: Your port 3308 is used by processor wit PID = 1956. The processor of PID 1956 is ‘mysqld.exe’ Session: Services. The service of PID 1956 for ‘mysqld.exe’ is ‘N/A’. N/A means that there is no service related to PID 1956. Process ‘mysqld.exe’ is launched by service ‘wampmysqld64’ with PID 7824.
I Hope someone understands this Greek!!
The long and short of this is I cannot get to my database either way thru localhost.
I would appreciate any assistance. John K


Your MySQL port should be 3306 rather than 3308
This should help: https://tng.lythgoes.net/wiki/index.php/WampServer_MYSQL_port_changes

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