WAMP Server Problem That's Driving Me Insane

I’m a complete newbie to WAMP, so sorry if these problems are fixes. Anyways, I installed WAMP and tried running the localhost, and an error always pops up saying “Page can’t be displayed.” I couldn’t find IIS in the task manager, so either it’s somewhere else or the problem is way different. The same thing happens when trying to run phpMyAdmin. Additionally, when I test the port 80 in the Apache tab, it says “Your port 80 is not actually being used.” It would be great if I get these issues resolved :^)

  • I’ve attached pictures of these errors for clarification. *<img
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Hi @MLG_Growtopia and welcome to SitePoint.

Your error message indicates that incorrect file permissions are set on the file:


Try this solution to change the file permissions:


I’m really not sure you should find IIS as a result of installing WAMP. IIS is Microsoft’s proprietary web server solution, where WAMP uses Apache for the same purpose. The only way you should find IIS in the Task Manager, is if you have also installed that separately from WAMP.


I’ve added the user for the permissions, and yet I still receive the same error? Do I need a special permission applied or is the problem caused by something else?

Are you aware of any solutions for having my port 80 accessible? The error is displayed in a picture in my original post for clarification.

I don’t use WAMP myself, so I don’t have a ready answer for you unfortunately - I run a couple of Ubuntu server instances, as it’s much closer to what you’d find out on a hosting platform. That said, I have used UniServer in the past. It’s basically a form of WAMP that you can run off a memory stick rather than installing it, or copy the files to your C:\ drive and point a desktop shortcut at it - very simple.

When I used to run Windows 7, I remember having problems installing Wamp and installed the Wamp Portable Version instead.

It worked fine.

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