WAMP Server Not Processing the php file


i installed wamp server, but when i try to process the index.php file, it just prompt for downlod the file insted of processing it :rofl:

i set the max exection time in php.ini to 1000 and restarted the service. but no help



Did you target the correct location with the WAMP directory (htdocs)? Did you tell the WAMP installation to install PHP, too? Is it any wonder I love the Kevin Yank approach to installing daemons rather than relying on “canned apps” (albeit I’ve been told that he’s now leaning toward the “canned apps”)?



How are you doing that?

i issue localhost/index.php or just localhost :slight_smile:

yahyah, i changed the document root path in two places in httpd.conf as :

<Directory “D:\sites\mysite”>
DocumentRoot “D:\sites\mysite”


What about this?


You’ve possibly placed the file in the wrong place perhaps, with the version of wamp that I’m using, there is a folder called “www”, each site or project has it’s own folder in the “www” folder. Say within the “www” folder there was a folder called “wiki” (which would contain probably MediaWiki), to access the mediawiki the address that I would enter into the browser address bar would be http://localhost/wiki/

Hai folks,
i am currently aways from the server in question. ill check your suggession once i get back to the server today. Thanks for your valuable time.