WAMP databases

I have a question. I just downloaded WAMP. In PHPAdmin there are 4 databases like performance_schema. Do I need to keep those databases in place? Or can I delete them?

thank you in advance

No, you shouldn’t delete them - they are used internally by MySQL. For example information_scheme stores information about other databases, performance_scheme is used to analyse database performance, and so on. For example http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/information-schema.html

Don’t delete or change anything about them databases in anyway, if you do you’ll break MySQL (and have to reinstall WAMP). It’s possible that you might very rarely need to do a SELECT query on the information_schema table to get info (probably a list of tables in a given database - possibly as part of a backup script)

@ droopsnoot & SpacePhoenix

Thank you for the advice. I was not sure, So better to ask.