Walking a Marathon

Just wanted to share an event I’m doing in around three weeks time for a very worthy cause.

I’ll be walking a marathon (26 miles) in my Kilt from Hampden (Scotland Football Stadium) to the bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomond in order to make a wee difference to the children who are in need of a little support. Please dig deep, any donations would be greatly appreciated.

I hope I’m allowed by the board to post this.

Thank you!!!

Good luck! I ran a marathon this past October and it certainly was an experience. Near cried at the end. Hope you have a successful walk!

I ran several marathons last month and i only reached up to five kilometers. still need to lose some of that excess weight. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Support.

Big Thanks to @TechnoBear for his sponsorship.

A few quid goes along way, and fully appreciated.



The bear is a She from Scotland!

Best of luck with it Ross and let us know how you get on!

I’m told it’s hard to tell under all this fur…

Happy to support a great cause, and hope you do really well. What’s your route, roughly?

Off Topic:

@TechnoBear; may I recommend bic orange then!!!


In this climate? :eek2: Do you want me to get hypothermia?[/ot]

Thanks pal. And cheers for the fiver!! Smiley Face…


Sustran’s pathway, westbound along the River Clyde from Hampden, Past Bells Bridge the route passes The Tall Ship before heading away from the river’s edge. The route used to follow the course of the disused Partick to Yorker railway, but the Glasgow Harbour area is being redeveloped so please look out for signed diversions. After passing close to the docks of Clydebank, the route joins the towpath of the Forth and Clyde Canal, passing under the Erskine Bridge, and past The Saltings Ecology Park into Bowling where the canal meets the Firth of Clyde and a marina is being developed. From Bowling, follow another old railway line into Dumbarton, where Dumbarton Castle sits on Dumbarton Rock - a 240ft high volcanic plug jutting into the River Clyde. After passing through Dumbarton, the route heads north away from the Firth of Clyde towards Loch Lomond, following the meandering River Leven on a traffic-free path passing through the communities of Renton, Alexandria and Balloch. From Balloch it’s a short hop through the park to the Loch Lomond Shores Visitor Centre and the Balloch Castle Country Park.

Sounds Fun!

‘The Kiltwalk’…

It brings together some of Scotland’s best loved children’s charities:

Each charity will receive 20% of our proceeds. A Kiltwalk Trust Fund will receive the remaining 20%, making smaller grants and donations to many children’s charities across Scotland.

Good Luck and I hope you get plenty of support :slight_smile:

Looks like a really good route.

I’ve walked the Clyde Walkway to Partick many times when we stayed in Glasgow, and I’ve also walked the Forth & Clyde Canal from Glasgow to Bowling a couple of times. The bit beyond Bowling is new to me but sounds lovely.

My husband is a marathon/half marathon runner, and one of his favourite routes is the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow, part of which goes over the Kingston Bridge. I don’t even like going over there in a car, but he loves running it.

Had my posterior capsulotomy surgery yesterday, still recovering and have been told to take it easy for a week. Event is in a fortnight, week off, week on.

Happy Days!

All the Best…Hope You Enjoy this a lot

Ugh - not the best of timing there. :frowning: Still, at least now you should be able to see where you’re going, which might help. :lol:

Hope the weather improves in time for your walk. We had glorious sunshine here for the Sport Relief Mile last weekend - and today it’s snowing.:cold: I’d offer to knit you leg-warmers, but I don’t think I could do them in time. :slight_smile:

That’s great :slight_smile: i m also a marathon runner and it is good for health to

Taking a part in Walking marathon is quite a great experience.

@Albablue89; I guess the day’s almost there? Are you ready for the run?

Sod’s Law. The weathers been rather nice for the last couple weekends here in Ayr as well too. It comes to event weekend and it’s dreek, rainy, sleet, windy… I’d much prefer a causal 26mile strool in the sunshine of course but Heh, Bring on the wind and the rain!!!

Less that 48 hours to go!!! I’ve got my power bars, vaseline petroleum jelly and catecholamine rush playlist at the ready!