WAI-ARIA presentation questions


is a image that is a link a presentation? Like images that open in a lightbox.

And W3 says:
“An element whose content is completely presentational (like a spacer image, decorative graphic, or clearing element).”

Does that mean all the images in my design are a role presentational?
If this is the case, than all images all over the side need a role=“presentational”…

Basically, if the image is a visual flourish and doesn’t enhance the content (so it relates to the site, not to the specific content), then it’s presentational.

Generally in HTML you should have non-essential images within the CSS rather than as IMG elements within the document. :slight_smile:

There are some images that, while they may not be vital to the page, are nevertheless an essential part of the complete page. A good example here is the “red flag” icon on each post. Sure, you can read and navigate the page without that, but you lose some of the functionality if the image (or its alt text) isn’t there, so the image forms part of the content. Compare that with the avatar beneath the author’s name - this is pretty superfluous, and you don’t really lose anything by not having it there, so that would count as decoration.

that was a writeing error, i mean role=“presentation”.

Hm, sorry i don’t get it. I think every page makes sense without the images (expect flickr *lol). I mean you can still read the page without the logo, header image, borders, the popups where you show your car…

I like this example. Yeah, basically if the image is only there to look pretty, you should probably apply it in the stylesheet as a CSS background image. On the other hand the red flag is not a flourish, it provides meaning on the page. Like an image of a mantee that accompanies an article on manatees, that’s not a superflous image, it should be written inline with an img element and suitable alt text.

If the page makes sense without the image, the chances are it’s presentational.
If the image (or it’s “alt text” replacement) is essential to the page, it’s content.

But what’s with role="presentational"? That doesn’t mean anything!