Waht's your method in learning?

Hi guys,

First of all, method is not a function! (for programming geeks!) :smiley:

Everyone likes a method or a way of learning, I for example like to learn from videos. I love videos but there is a small probelm, I don’t always trust them. I like to learn by video from a professional in his field. I like people who spend sometime in making their videos so they appear in the best way for the learner.

What about you? How do you learn? What is your best way of learning?
And by the way, how much time you spend in learning new things about your area of field? Daily? Weekly?. One day, I tried to learn quickly by spending many hours a day but then I found this way don’t lead to a real learning and found that baby steps win the race.


When there is something i wanted to learn …i see to it that i give my full attention to the instructions…I will devote an ample time to complete the training (if there is), i will give all my best to perform the action needed to achieve it…I usually never stop not until i am expert…:slight_smile:

Read by myself, practice and then argue (and learn) with (from) others :slight_smile:

Daily, and not enough.

You know, they found a cure for ADD…and that is

If you pay attention…you won’t be ADD :smiley:

I like learning from Mixed Media, whether it be Videos or Books or both. I’ve watched hours of videos to learn two things in which frustrated me that I spent 12+ hours to learn two things that took 5 minutes to demonstrate. I continue to watch them just not as much as I use to as I’ve watched so much already, it does take a lot of discipline and patience. That is where Schools come in if you don’t got the disipline and patience let someone else show you for lots more money then charging your credit card to learn, yet there is still no guarantee cause if you can’t PAY ATTENTION and FOCUS in school it’s all just a waste.

Books. That’s pretty much my only resource. Books and evaluating them, marking important areas, and eventually discussing sections. By discussing, I memorize the methodologies and concepts much, much better. The moment I’m able to explain everything without reference and in my own words, I’m done.

I have to be hands-on to understand anything. I usually read a book, then I think about it for a while and try to make a miniature project out of it. I spend the first hour trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong, then usually after that it starts making sense, sometimes.

Sometimes you have to read much more of a book to make sense of past things, everyone has there own method and what works for them. Although one tried and true method is to read before bed, you’ll retain it for more longer.

Books, online videos, trial and error and practice, practice. I have trouble with some things more than others, usually because I don’t put what I’ve read to immediate practice…I remembering reading some chapters in the jQuery ninja books, as I was reading everything absorbed nicely, but as I never put the things I learned to much practice, I pretty much forgot everything I read. I could read a book 10 times and it just won’t stick unless I implement the ideas, practice my own and just spend quality hands on time doing jQuery.

Sometimes I do wish I could read something and “reserve” mental spacing and it won’t budge for anything lol. I can’t tell you the many times I re-read stuff over and over before reminding myself to stop being a twit and actually engage in what I read.

Paying attention, practicing, discussing with friends and by reading.

When I’m Motivated :slight_smile:

I retain best when I either write it down on paper or type it out manually on the computer.

I prefer books because I can stop and take notes without hitting the pause button.

I learn best by breaking the very rules I am being told. If I figure out WHY something is being done instead of only focusing on WHAT then I feel I gain a better grasp then the average learner.

if teaching myself, as opposed to doing some sort of course, I prefer to get a book on the subject that includes practical examples and exercises/projects and then working through it.

I definitely need to be hands on.

If its related to website development, the above still applies where appropriate, but I also visit forums like this where browsing around you can pick up some new concepts, ideas and very useful pieces of code from some very knowledgable people.

While browsing the www, if I see something interesting on a web page I often have a look at the source code, javascript and css to see how it is done. But beware, doing that you could also pick up up some very bad habits and then you end up in forums like this for some “habit re-adjustment therapy” :lol:

Books and engaging in what you’ve read / watched is crucial.

hmm, first thing i do is check what day it is. that will put me in the ballpark for just about anything. if the moon is hitting uranus, you are going to have a truck load of wierd, “over-the-top” experiences (even if your an uber-rational type). cut out 99% of the crud that everyone is feeding you, add the right subscriptions for your reader, and stay under a fifth a day.