Vue.js opinons?

Hey @felgall (and all the other JS experts).

What are your honest opinions about Vue.js?


I’m not sure whether you’ve seen them, but there were a couple of articles here at SP last year, that might be worth a look.

What’s New in Vue.js 1.0

Getting Started With Vue.js

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I’m by no means an expert in Vue.js, but I’ve had a play around it and written a few small components. It’s very enjoyable to use, and I found I could learn enough to be productive with it in a short space of time. It gets you into React-like territory (re-usable, composable components) but with a gentler learning curve, and it seems like it’ll play nicer with existing sites.


@chrisofarabia - thanks. I was aware of the articles. What I didn’t read were the discussions. There are some “opinions” in them, which I am looking for.

@fretburner - Yes, that is my take on Vue too. I am no expert on matters about JS and was hoping the experts could offer their insights.


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