VS Code set up for WordPress

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I am new to WP. Would appreciate a link to a clear step by step instructions on how to set up VS code for WP (creating new theme, existing theme customization etc.)

Thank you

PS I did Google search and I find most tutorials are for advanced web developers or not clear enough for a beginner

VS Code is just an IDE, so it can be used to code any type of web application. I’m not sure what you mean by setting it up for WordPress, unless you want to add extensions that will help you with debugging, etc. I build custom WordPress themes using my code editor, Notepad++, but I could just as well use my VS Code, because I am basically just coding in PHP with built-in WP functions.

If you are a beginner as you say you are, do you have enough skills in PHP to be coding a custom WordPress theme? And if you would like to learn how, have you checked out the WordPress codex and other documentation at wordpress.org?

Perhaps try to use VS Code as a straight text editor while you learn how to work with WP themes, and then as you become more comfortable with it, gradually add features to VS Code that will streamline your workflow.

Maybe pick one of the tutorials that you found and start trying to work through it, seeking help here when you get stuck. I’m sure you will find people here happy to give you a hand. And maybe ask them if the suggested extension is really necessary.


Thanks for the quick response WebMachine. What I am trying to achieve is to move already built website to WP.

How large is the site? And is it a static site? Or one based on a different content management system?

Its a static site. Its very basic. I’ve added blog item to the menu, however, didn’t build the blog page yet. Guys at CSS Sitepoint forum helped me a lot as this is my first reponsive site using flexbox - here’s the link http://buildandtest.atspace.cc/. I am planning to use this site as my portfolio to showcase my projects. I thought adding a blog page would be a good opportunity for me to introduce myself to WP and see how it goes.

P.S. Didn’t know you are in Toronto @WebMachine. I guess we are neighbours. I am in East York.

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Here are some good WordPress extensions for VS Code.

Also here is a great Tutorial to get you going too.

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Not sure if you had a chance to take a look at my site. I think I am not very clear if I need to move all pages to WP or only use WP for blog page…

Sorry for taking so long to respond. It was a very busy day.

It’s up to you. I tend to build the whole site in WordPress because even the part that is not a blog should be updated once in a while or changed to keep the content fresh. It’s just easier to maintain IMHO.

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I didn’t realize if I want a custom blog page matching design of my site I actually would need to design and build two pages - one page containing list of posts and a single post page…

Where did you hear that? You can organize it, and design it pretty much any way you want.

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sorry what I mean is if I want a blog page containing links to my posts I would need to create that page and then create a page for the post itself ( when user clicks on the post link on blog page she/he would be taken to that individual post page)

Have you checked out the WordPress website, in particular the documentation, at wordpress.org? If not, you probably should read through that because it will answer a lot of your questions. It sounds to me like you are not quite sure how WordPress is set up.

Once you have, make yourself a test site using one of the ready-made themes in the theme repository so you can get a feel for how things work. You might even find a theme there that can be easily adjusted to fit in with your current website.


I installed WP on WAMP localhost Windows machine. Going through documentation at https://wordpress.org. Thanks for those tips @WebMachine

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