VS 2010 and a few questions

I typically don’t play with betas, so I am just now getting used to vs 2010 pro. I grabbed it from DreamSpark yesterday, and so far I like all the changes.

I was wondering though, with some of the changes to ado.net EF, is there now a way to set a coding namespace for both the context as well as the entities, instead of just setting the custom tool namespace (this wraps both context and entities)? Typically, I like having my classes grouped into namespaces by type, and since a context isn’t an entity, it shouldn’t go in the entities namespace. Please note: I am talking about actual coding namespaces, not the conceptual namepsaces used internally by EF.

I was also wondering if having this (the x86 vs 2010 ide) beside my old one (x64 vs 20080 ide) would pose any problems? It seems to be working ok, I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed announcements saying I had to de-install one before installing the other.


there is no x64 vs2008 version… only x86
That said I have both installed no problems so far

32bit should be fine. 64-bit OSs are backwards compatiable with stuff like this.