VPS with Webuzo


I am buying a VPS and my host is offering Webuzo with it to manage my VPS.
I researched on this and it looks like its some kind of a LAMP stack.
Has anyone used it ?

I simply want to host my wordpress blog on it. Is it good ?

To me, it looks like Webuzo is a system for easily deploying scripts / software - if you are wanting your VPS to install Wordpress, and you are happy dealing with the installation and updates yourself, I’d personally say avoid it - its something else that can be vulnerable / can have problems / can go wrong.


Thanks for the suggestion. My host has offered a free month of Webuzo.
He told me its by the Softaculous Auto Installer people. I have used Softaculous Auto Installer in my cPanel account.

I have used it for a day and its pretty the same like cPanel accounts.
Is there any bug you know of ?

I don’t know of any, no. But i’m a believer in “don’t run something if you don’t need it”, that way there are less possible ways in for attackers :slight_smile: