VPS - Which Option Should I Choose

Hi, i have just bought my first VPS. I will only be running the one site from within this. I have logged into my hosting account and it is asking me which VPS OS i want to install on my virtual machine. I have 137 options to choose from.

I am also currently paying a monthly licence for cpanel.

My site is a custom built PHP / MySQL site. It does not use an open source frameworks. Which of the following would you recommend. The only one that sticks out to me is the last.

<option value=“5”>Ubuntu 8.04 x86</option>
<option value=“6”>Ubuntu 8.04 x64</option>
<option value=“7”>Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS</option>
<option value=“8”>Debian 5.0 (Lenny) x64</option>
<option value=“9”>Gentoo 10.1 x64</option>
<option value=“10”>Gentoo 10.1 (2.6.34) x64</option>
<option value=“11”>CentOS 5.5 x64</option>
<option value=“12”>CentOS 5.2 x64</option>
<option value=“50”>Jumpbox alfresco 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“51”>Jumpbox asterisk 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“52”>Jumpbox bugzilla 1.5.1 x64</option>
<option value=“53”>Jumpbox cacti 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“54”>Jumpbox deki 1.5.2 x64</option>
<option value=“55”>Jumpbox dimdim 1.1.4 x64</option>
<option value=“56”>Jumpbox dokuwiki 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“57”>Jumpbox drupal 1.1.19 x64</option>
<option value=“58”>Jumpbox drupal6 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“59”>Jumpbox dspace 1.1.5 x64</option>
<option value=“60”>Jumpbox elgg 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“61”>Jumpbox foswiki 1.1.6 x64</option>
<option value=“62”>Jumpbox gallery 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“63”>Jumpbox gallery3 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“64”>Jumpbox glpi 1.1.10 x64</option>
<option value=“65”>Jumpbox jasperbi 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“66”>Jumpbox joomla 1.1.5 x64</option>
<option value=“67”>Jumpbox joomla15 1.5.2 x64</option>
<option value=“68”>Jumpbox joomla16 0.9 x64</option>
<option value=“69”>Jumpbox knowledgetree 1.1.10 x64</option>
<option value=“70”>Jumpbox lampd 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“71”>Jumpbox lappd 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“72”>Jumpbox liferay 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“73”>Jumpbox limesurvey 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“74”>Jumpbox magento 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“75”>Jumpbox mantis 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“76”>Jumpbox mediawiki 1.6.1 x64</option>
<option value=“77”>Jumpbox moinmoin 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“78”>Jumpbox moodle 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“79”>Jumpbox movabletype 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“80”>Jumpbox mysqld 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“81”>Jumpbox nagios 1.1.9 x64</option>
<option value=“82”>Jumpbox nagios3 1.5.1 x64</option>
<option value=“83”>Jumpbox omeka 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“84”>Jumpbox openemm 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“85”>Jumpbox openfire 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“86”>Jumpbox openldap 1.1.4 x64</option>
<option value=“87”>Jumpbox openvpn 1.1.1 x64</option>
<option value=“88”>Jumpbox orangehrm 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“89”>Jumpbox otrs 1.6.1 x64</option>
<option value=“90”>Jumpbox phpbb 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“91”>Jumpbox pmwiki 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“92”>Jumpbox postgresqld 1.1.9 x64</option>
<option value=“93”>Jumpbox projectpier 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“94”>Jumpbox punbb 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“95”>Jumpbox redmine 1.6.1 x64</option>
<option value=“96”>Jumpbox rubyonrails 1.1.7 x64</option>
<option value=“97”>Jumpbox sakai 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“98”>Jumpbox silverstripe 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“99”>Jumpbox snaplogic 1.1.2 x64</option>
<option value=“100”>Jumpbox statusnet 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“101”>Jumpbox sugarcrm 1.1.6 x64</option>
<option value=“102”>Jumpbox sugarcrm5 1.1.18 x64</option>
<option value=“103”>Jumpbox sugarcrm6 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“104”>Jumpbox tikiwiki 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“105”>Jumpbox tomcat 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“106”>Jumpbox trac 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“107”>Jumpbox tracks 1.5.0 x64</option>
<option value=“108”>Jumpbox twiki 1.1.3 x64</option>
<option value=“109”>Jumpbox vtigercrm 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“110”>Jumpbox wordpress 1.6.2 x64</option>
<option value=“111”>Jumpbox zenoss 1.6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“114”>CloudLinux Server 5.5 Apache x64</option>
<option value=“115”>CloudLinux Server 5.5 ISPmanager x64</option>
<option value=“116”>CloudLinux Server 5.5 LAMP x64</option>
<option value=“117”>CloudLinux Server 5.5 MySQL x64</option>
<option value=“118”>CloudLinux Server 5.5 cPanel x64</option>
<option value=“119”>CloudLinux Server 5.5 x64</option>
<option value=“120”>Debian 6.0.0 Cherokee x64</option>
<option value=“121”>Debian 6.0.0 LAMP x64</option>
<option value=“122”>Debian 6.0.0 MySQL x64</option>
<option value=“123”>Debian 6.0.0 x64</option>
<option value=“124”>Redhat Ent 5.6 LAMP x64</option>
<option value=“125”>Redhat Ent 5.6 MySQL x64</option>
<option value=“126”>Redhat Ent 5.6 x64</option>
<option value=“127”>Redhat Ent 6.0 x64 LAMP</option>
<option value=“128”>Redhat Ent 6.0 x64 Minimal</option>
<option value=“129”>Redhat Ent 6.0 x64 MySQL</option>
<option value=“130”>Redhat Ent 6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“239”>CentOS 5.3 lbva_6.11 x64</option>
<option value=“240”>CentOS 5.5 Apache x64</option>
<option value=“241”>CentOS 5.5 Cherokee x64</option>
<option value=“242”>CentOS 5.5 GlusterFS x64</option>
<option value=“243”>CentOS 5.5 LAMP x64</option>
<option value=“244”>CentOS 5.5 LAMPP x64</option>
<option value=“245”>CentOS 5.5 LAMPP x86</option>
<option value=“246”>CentOS 5.5 Minimal x64</option>
<option value=“247”>CentOS 5.5 Minimal x86</option>
<option value=“248”>CentOS 5.5 MySQL x64</option>
<option value=“249”>CentOS 5.5 OpenVZ x64</option>
<option value=“250”>CentOS 5.5 Optimized_Hardened x64</option>
<option value=“251”>CentOS 5.5 Optimized_Hardened_LAMP x64</option>
<option value=“252”>CentOS 5.5 Optimized_Hardened_LLMP x64</option>
<option value=“253”>CentOS 5.5 Optimized_Hardened_LNMP x64</option>
<option value=“254”>CentOS 5.5 Optimized_Hardened_MySQL x64</option>
<option value=“255”>CentOS 5.5 Plesk x64</option>
<option value=“256”>CentOS 5.5 Plesk x86</option>
<option value=“257”>CentOS 5.5 Trixbox_2.8.0.4 x86</option>
<option value=“258”>CentOS 5.5 cPanel x64</option>
<option value=“259”>CentOS 5.5 libra_esva_2.0.5.0 x86</option>
<option value=“260”>CentOS 5.5 x86</option>
<option value=“261”>CentOS 5.6 Apache x64</option>
<option value=“262”>CentOS 5.6 Apache x86</option>
<option value=“263”>CentOS 5.6 HAproxy_1.3.25 x64</option>
<option value=“264”>CentOS 5.6 HAproxy_1.4.15 x64</option>
<option value=“265”>CentOS 5.6 LAMP x64</option>
<option value=“266”>CentOS 5.6 LAMP x86</option>
<option value=“267”>CentOS 5.6 MySQL x64</option>
<option value=“268”>CentOS 5.6 MySQL x86</option>
<option value=“269”>CentOS 5.6 Plesk x64</option>
<option value=“270”>CentOS 5.6 cPanel x64</option>
<option value=“271”>CentOS 5.6 x64</option>
<option value=“272”>CentOS 5.6 x86</option>
<option value=“275”>FreeBSD 8.2_HVMPV x64</option>
<option value=“276”>OnApp CDN Appliance</option>
<option value=“277”>Debian 6.0 Cherokee x64</option>
<option value=“278”>Debian 6.0 LAMP x64</option>
<option value=“279”>Debian 6.0 MySQL x64</option>
<option value=“280”>Debian 6.0 x64</option>
<option value=“281”>CentOS 5.6 cPanel_OneClickSSL x64</option>
<option value=“282”>CentOS 6.2 Apache x64</option>
<option value=“283”>CentOS 6.2 Apache x86</option>
<option value=“284”>CentOS 6.2 LAMP x86</option>
<option value=“285”>CentOS 6.2 MySQL x64</option>
<option value=“286”>CentOS 6.2 MySQL x86</option>
<option value=“287”>CentOS 6.2 x64</option>
<option value=“288”>CentOS 6.2 x86</option>
<option value=“289”>CentOS 6.2 LAMP x64</option>
<option value=“290”>cpanel-php-5.3.10</option>

One of the Centos 6.2 LAMP options should do fine. You can add additional software packages and modules as you require from the command line.

Do you need a control panel or will you install LAMP by yourself? The cPanel image would be good if you need a control panel.

If you’re looking to use the cPanel control panel, you could go with CentOS 5.6 cPanel x64. Make sure to update cPanel and the operating system after the system is deployed, as it’s likely there will be some outdated scripts and services.

So many options and different advice… i want to use cpanel… does this change any of your opinions…

Agree with inogenius then - if you want to use cpanel, use “CentOS 5.6 cPanel x64”, and then immediately do /scripts/upcp --force" to update cpanel and the systems.

Thanks for the quick feedback guys… much appreciated… does anyone have any advice as to why i should not choose CentOS 5.6 cPanel x64


Matt Russell (above) is the CEO at WHB so I would echo his recommendation of CentOS 6.2 LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP). Additionally, it’s my understanding that CentOS is required by cPanel so if that’s a requirement, so is CentOS. From your horrid list, 6.2 appears to be the latest and greatest (stable) version so all the more reason to listen to Matt.

I’m currently using CENTOS 6.3 x86_64 so that’s another vote for the best CentOS you’re being offered. Saying that, of course, you should check Matt’s offerings at WebHostingBuzz as that’s where I’m getting the 6.3 version. NOTE: From everything I’ve seen, WHB only uses stable versions of the daemons so, while they are on the cutting edge, WHM is definitely not on the “bleeding edge.”



cPanel requires a fresh server, otherwise, no LAMP installation.

You should install a minimal version of the operating system. All services that cPanel requires will automatically be installed during the cPanel & WHM installation process. Installing services prior to the installation of cPanel & WHM will cause compatibility problems.

I just logged into my WHM and it lists “CENTOS 5.7 x86_64 xenpv” in the top right hand corner… so hopefully that will do…

Yep that’s fine, the XenPV is the type of virtualization.