VPS hosting multiple websites/ DNS HELP

Hello, I opened a VPS and configured everything that needs to be.

It’s running SolusVM to manage the VPS and I’m running Kloxo for my control panel.

My question is: How do I configure the DNS for the server and run multiple websites on it? I only have 1 IP, but I know this is possible.

I need help configuring the nameservers and stuff and where to set that up.


I normally just set up an A record, at my DNS rgistrars control panel, to point the DNS records to the same IP. Then I use apache virtual hosting to serve from different folders based on the domain name used in the http url. I am not sure what web server you are using but if its apache you could Google “apache virtual hosting”.

You’re better to use your domain registrar’s DNS, otherwise you have another service (an important one considering it controls both web server and mail server resolution) which has a single point of failure.

use your domain registrar dns service and add your server ip in domain Registrar A records and add that websites in kloxo panel