VPN Software


i’m looking for some vpn software.

Are you using such software every day? Anoyne can recommend something?

My company use Cisco VPN Client

It seems quick and reliable. I often have it open throughout the day without a hitch. However, I’ve never used any other vpn client. So I don’t know how it ranks in the world of vpn clients.


Your company also pays cisco $$$$$ for cisco gear to serve as the VPN endpoint.

My default free option is either pfsense or monowall depending on your taste in BSD variants and requirements. Many home routers, especially if upgraded to DD-WRT or Tomato, can also serve as a small VPN client. There are tons of options out there, it really depends on requirements and budget as to how to go about setting something up.

I’ve heard of OpenVPN Client, but I haven’t used it myself.