VPN access to Oracle

One customer is asking me if it is possible to access an Oracle database from his .NET website using VPN. I googled around and didn’t find much on this subject.

Really a separate problem for the networking guys–what he needs is a point to point VPN for that server so it can hit the oracle DB. Note that running a web app with a remote DB isn’t necessary the best idea performance-wise.

Forgot to say that the IIS running the website is not part of the customer’s network, hosted on a shared environment (soon to be dedicated).

You could create a VPN connection to the network between servers, but then the VPN will need to be always active and if a server reboots, it will need to be corrected. Is wwb said, it would probably be easier exposing it with a service.

Y do they want VPN? Are they worried about the security of the db or wat? Maybe just allow web servers IP?

Well, you don’t have much chance in sharede, but it is probably workable in a dedicated environment.

All that said, I’d look for a way to expose the data without touching Oracle directly, such as web services or an export regime of some sort.