Volusion Translate Language

Hi all,
First a little history of me:

[]September: I wake up and decide to open an internet shop… I have no programming experience what so ever!
]October: spend the month with goggle eyes and blank face looking at the hundreds of different option of e-commerce solutions… no idea what I even need!
[]November: Discover ‘Out of the Box’ is more like assembling an Ikea cupboard then the ‘open it and go’ I had hoped for. Decide to go with Volusion and find the pitfalls the hard way.
]Today: I am still no wonderkid superprogrammer, but I do have a better idea of what I am trying to achieve.

So my question to you all, the help I need… How do you translate a volusion ‘free’ template into another language with ease, after reading this article on this site, [COLOR=“#0000FF”]http://www.sitepoint.com/bigcommerce-and-volusion-comparing-set-up-and-mobile/[/COLOR], I started thinking I had missed something. The only way I have found is a complete item by item translation of every sentance, and this does not include the re-making of gif images used for titles, (of which there are many). Is the article referring to a change in the programming or a solution from Volusion itself?

(on a similar point I have changed the character encoding method so the Danish letters ø,æ & å are rendered correctly, and this is working as far as I can tell over the whole site…except for the pop-out basket, there I still seem to get rubbish. Can anyone help?)

Thanks all

I’m not familiar with volusion, but I guess you’d probably be better off choosing a solution that has multi-lingual capabilities built in, and which has your required language already available, as you’ve found out, it’s a big task to translate the text for an entire system.

I wonder what the stats are on shops changing their ecommerce solution… I guess even with the ‘sand-boxes’, there is still too much information to really get to know if a solution is right for you without actually fully ‘test-driving’ it.

I now know what to look for in the next solution, I only hope I recognise enough Volusion do offer to make sure they are included as well.

Thanks for the reply.