Volusion Software

This company has cost my company thousands in lost revenue…and there really is nothing I can do about it…

read my review here:

since this is my first post, google “Volusion sucks” The 8th search result on the domain FixYourDLP is my review.

…you’ve been warned.

If you’re thinking about switching to volusion to save money, think again. With their ridiculous bandwidth fees, you’re easily pay double what the plan actually costs!

I’ll chime in also against the “custom solution” solution.

It’s a lot like trying to do a custom solution for
Excel, or Word, or Power Point.

It can all be done but at what price and will it
really work better?

It’s a lot easier to justify a new feature when
you can spread the programming cost over
thousands of customers.

So in the end, buying a cart service is a lot
cheaper and a lot more powerful than
creating a full custom solution. And also keep
in mind that a custom solution also has ongoing
costs as the different browsers keep changing
and creating the need to modify the software.

hmm they are OK but bigcommerce have more features… give them a try

i agree with the above post, try bigcommerce by interspire.

do NOT use Volusion. They migrated from Rackspace last fall and have had nothing but problems ever since. Sites have effectively paralyzed since Saturday 3/20 and Volusion has not yet even acknowledged that there is an issue.

Volusion might have been the best solution around 3 years ago, but the others have caught up and passed them by. Besides, what good is a site that no one can access?

Why do suggest bigcommerce? Can you provide more details?

We just switched from Volusion because of all the uptime issues. It wasn’t a bad cart but it was lacking alot of features compared to the cart that we switched too.