Volusion Software

I am new to ecommerce and my boss is thinking of using http://www.volusion.com. He liked it better than litecommerce because of all the extra fees involved. We are going to use the site for the following:

Shopping Cart
shipping-UPS integration
inventory count
quickbooks integration

Any input would be great. The site we currently have is http://www.lrmemo.com and we are looking to improve. Thanks in advance for all your help.

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…Ferris Bueller

I looked at the volusion site and the cost is $97.00 (basic) - $197.00/month, plus a $199 set up fee. Or 6K to purchase the licence. How is LiteCommerce going to cost you more??

We are getting ready to purchase LiteCommerce and as I see it, with add-ons it cost us under $200 one time fee.


The software is very expensive and they strongly recommend you host with them. Not having a choice of web hosts is a problem in my book. Even ShopSite, who recommends using a certified hosting partner, has many different hosts to choose from and they offer the ability to host yourself on a dedicated for no additional charges.

A paid license with Volusion is more expensive. I spoke with a representative a while back and though the software has a lot of good features, I couldn’t justify the price difference between them and other shopping cart providers.

I can’t speak for volusion.com but in the long run it would be much more expensive than buying and customizing your own cart. I’ve never used lite-commerce, but i’ve used it’s bige brother, x-cart, and have not had any problems. My votes for x-cart, lite-commerce, os-commerce or any cart that meets your needs where you dont have to pay a ridiculously high monthly fee.

my vote is digshop, oscommerce or zend.

Volusion cart/storefront is built on a very weak code and has way to many problems and bugs. Volusion license is a rip-off at $6000. You can get a much better cart for under $300 purchase price or build your own for under $4000. They also known to ban and kick their customers out.

Care to elaborate? We’re looking at Volusion but don’t want any surprises.

I would also say find a good programmer to build your own. We do this for companies and come in under $4,000. You should shop around for quotes on a custom solution. No way would I ever buy a premade cart for $6k.

I’ve used Volusion and overall I have been very happy with the software. A good complete “out of the box” package. Last time i checked that hadn’t finished testign the quickbooks integration yet and wasn’t sure when it was gonna be done though.


I think there are a lot of quality e-commerce systems out there - it’s rarely neccessary to build your own. Miva, X-Cart, LiteCommerce, ShopSite, AceFlex and PDGCart are among the few nice carts I’ve used. I’d much rather have the support of a commercial product than a home-built product that isn’t nearly as well tested or supported.

Volusion “solution” has to many bugs and problems for the price and their support is unavailable. I’ll vote thumbs down just to save you time and money.


Yes actually, we have developed many shopping cart solutions for clients including Sprint.

Now, developing an out of box system like avactis.com where you are trying to have something for everyone, extendable modules, easy self installation ect,it is definitely going to be more expensive. I am just saying, if you want a custom shopping system for one site that is tailored to that sites need, I would not pay $6k for pre-made when you can get a good custom cart for $4k ish.

I am not knocking you or any other product what-so-ever, just pointing out the options. So, please do not take it personally or insinuate that I am a liar.

If you had a good base code, then this is possible. It all comes down to: exactly the features you want, and how “user-friendly” you want it. E.g. you want to have a wysiwyg editor for products, which lets a novice publish products. This is going to be more workl than let’s say, making something less userfriendly. You could expand this to lots of areas, like the ability to setup 100 different shipping methods in a few minutes. I think you get the idea. Volusion is good for certain needs. They are a do-it-all, or higher end cart. Cubecart and other open source solutions may also work well depending on things like, do you want someone always to call and ask about how to do something? There are other mid-grade shopping cart solutions like http://veracart.com. They don’t have all the features Volusion has, but they also start at like $20 - $30 a month. Managed security, and database backups, etc… are not something that comes with a lot of non-hosted shopping carts.

I just closed my site there, I took there abuse one to many times. They did a descent job a couple of years ago, but not their customer service is terrible. There software is half done, and half baked. Save yourself alot of grief don’t use them.

We are currently having “timed out” problems with Volusion.
The credit cards are being declined, but the transactions are
not being logged by the Credit Card company, PSIgate.

Volusion and our credit card processer, PSIgate are both telling
us that the problem is with the the other party.

I am trying to find somone to help us but feel as if I am
not seeing a solution anytime soon!

Did anyone have this problem before?

Carol Lin

After reading Steve’s email, I’m starting to feel bad for Volusion…Ok, no I’m not. But I feel your pain. We just signed one of their ex-clients stemming from some of the same issues. They used to provide a good service. I don’t know if they went too far too fast (SEO and software and Traffic building?) or…

I do know (from our clients personal experience) that if you’re not on an upgraded plan you’re jammed onto servers with too many other companies. So if you’re having trouble now, wait till the holidays hit and everyone gets busy!

Good Luck getting everything worked out.

I’m a yet another ex-volusionist who’s been unhappy with volusion-solution, been abused, threatened, kicked out and my ip address banned so not to access volusion.com anymore. 2 years later after I moved to another state/country Volusion is still after me, they send me strange emails trying to lure my IP address so they could ban my IP again even if I never go to Volusion.com ever again! I remember having extensive problems with their “solution”. They are now charging what… $10,000 ($197 a month) !! for their half cooked piece of equipment they call a storefront! I got myself OsCommerce for free, heavily moded it for $700 and am using it without any problems! I’ve never seen a cart with more problems, less customer service and more abusion than volu-volusion.

Volusion looks good but I was unable to justify the price as a small business.