Volusion - are the templates SEO friendly

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with Volusion.
I would like to know whether the templates are SEO friendly or just user friendly?

Would love to here back.

thanks so much.

From my experience with Volusion and their competitors… somewhat SEO friendly. If you could post which template you’re interested in we could take a quick look at the source code.

Thanks for the response. I hadn’t gone as far as looking at the templates. I’m presuming the back end of Volusion only allows for some SEO work but not plug-ins ?

My question is
What do you mean by “SEO friendly”?

  • Wouldn’t that depend more on the template chosen than on the app?

We work with Volusion a lot and it does really depend on what you mean by “SEO Friendly” - the sites has generated meta information based on your product and category keywords. SEO Friendly does not mean much now-a-days since Google and figure out what is on a page pretty well without you telling it. The meta keywords arn’t even used anymore to index. Volusion’s current template system is very crude as you can only edit the header/footer layout while the rest is generated so you don’t have a lot of room to extend functionality - but again, I don’t know what your requirements are for SEO Friendly.