Vodafone selling reconditioned handsets as new?


I’m bored as hell at work so i’ve been trying to keep my hands busy (no dirty comments please).
For some unknown reason I decided to take a close look at my iPhone4, wish I hadn’t now.

One of the ‘screw’ type things around the usb/charger socket looks like it’s been threaded. The only reason I noticed this is because they’ve sort of got star ‘holes’ in them instead of your usual Philips/flathead holes.
One of them is almost round, but you can still see the extreme ends of the stars legs where as the other one is a ‘perfect’ star.

I bought the phone as new from a Vodafone store.

Is this intent by design or has somebody been playing with my phone or did the sales rep lie to me?


One of their reps has replied to my tweet and it turns out they do.
Sure there’s some sort of legislation or whatever which would require them to declare the fact that they’re selling reconditioned as new when your buying one.