VM VirtualBox and Ubuntu LAMP Issues

I’m using the Oracle VM VirtualBox app to run an Ubuntu LAMP installation. I’ve installed LAMP with no issues except that I can’t access the box from outside. When I go to “http://localhost” from within the VM, it works like a charm but when I try to access by using the IP inside the URL bar from the other computer on my desk (or any other computer for that matter), I get the following message:

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Obviously, there’s a permission issue going on here but I’ve applied the following to the “/var/www/” directory with no success:

1.) “chmod a+r /var/www/”
2.) “chmod o+r /var/www/”

What I’m thinking is that the a group’s permissions are not properly setup and this group is the one responsible for handling everyone who is your status-quo website visitor. What group is this and how would I set the permissions correctly for this group?

Sorry… I think I figured out what has happened here…

I’ve had WAMP on in the background and it appears that the two conflict with one another (the VM VirtualBox and WAMP, even if WAMP is set to “Offline” due to port assignment). I might be wrong, but that’s what I’m marking this up as… Case closed.

I’m going to guess you’ve got the Virtual box network set to nat?

Make sure its set to Bridged, this will give your virtual box a proper IP address on your network, then you can go to its IP properly (and it won’t matter what runs on your pc too).