Vk & php 3

Something that I found that is very astonishing and worrisome. So I was trolling through some sites and I came across VK’s website. I inspected their page source and what came back to me made my eyes boggle.

So apparently this super popular site still uses PHP 3. What the heck? I have never heard of PHP 3. I’ve only used PHP 5 and PHP 7 and heard of PHP 4, but PHP 3? This site is using such an outdated PHP version that it makes me wonder how they aren’t being hacked constantly.

Any guesses?

lol, when I first started wth PHP the start tags were like
<?php3 but yes, that was a long time ago.

Anyway, my guess? HTTP headers can be spoofed. Maybe some kind of honeypot or intentional misinformation to foil script-kiddies?

That is a reasonable explanation. Maybe they are running PHP 7 and just spoofing the headers like you said. But still, this would be jaw dropping if they really did run on PHP 3.

for such a large site i would say it’s possible, but aside the security issues this would be a maintaining horror. so i stick to the honeypot theory.

One hosting company told me they actively advertise that they offer PHP4 hosting as very few hosting companies do these days - surprise, surprise - but there is still a lot of call for PHP4 hosting! :unhappy:

maybe they have good lawyers for their contracts…

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