Vizi / MediaBreakaway are scammers

As some of you know

Vizi closed shop and stopped answering emails

also didnt pay alot of publishers (they owe me well over 1000 dollars)

the whole thing was a scam, now the guy (Pace) setup a new company

so beware!

I can assure you that it was not a “scam” and existed and paid many publishers for almost 5 years. The idea that a company going out of business makes it a scam is ridiculous and silly, come on.

Vizi was definitely a scam company.
They raised the min payment to 300, that’s why not too many publishers were affected.

Just for the records, i received your email as late as March 2009 requesting for more traffics. Personal email from you except someone hacked your password !

Please note, I have spoken to most of the people in this thread and have personally followed up. We posted over 2,000 checks last year, some of them did not get where they belonged, and if you notice less than 3-5 people ever complained about Vizi. However, if anyone still not gotten paid, please email me here.

The idea that Vizi was a scam is absurd, it was a company that existed for almost 5 years did over $200M of revenue in those 5 years, was a comscore top 20 network. Unfortunately as the economy got worse, and bills were not paid, I made a decision to walk away from the company and take some time off from the Industry. I personally hired someone to sit for 6 months deal with unpaid bills and send them out. Vizi never had to declare bankruptcy and no lawsuits against the company were ever filled. If you read some of the posts, despite me being only one of 4 owners, I paid out of pocket many people to help them out.

I have been working in this industry for almost 12 years, own and cover fraud, and other issues.


Are you sure about this? has been registered since 2003 and the registrant isn’t in the same state as Vizi Media.


he replied with @mediabreakaway email address

theres a long thread over at forums about this

That doesn’t mean he setup a new company (with a domain backdating 6 years)… maybe he just has a new employer.

i don’t know about mediabreakaway.
But vizi is definitely a scammer.
or should i say Pesach Lattin is a scammer ?

Pesach et al. are working for Mediabreakaway now

taken from

Well just got an email from pesach

I just wanted to keep in touch and tell you that I’ve started at MediaBreakAway, the parent company of one of the largest Direct Response/Affiliate Networks. I have attached the press release below, and urge you to get in touch with me about how we can work together.

We have a very large ($125M/year) affiliate network along side our email delivery company that manages several dozen major mailing lists for brands and websites. We additionally own a SMS/Ringtone company and looking for more networks that would like to run Ringtone/SMS offers.

Please get in touch with me, and I’d love to know how we can work together.

Thank you always,
Pace Lattin
Chief Rainmaker

Westminster, CO – October 20, 2009 – Media Breakaway, LLC, an industry leader in interactive marketing, is excited to announce the addition of Pesach “Pace” Latin to its team in the role of VP of Business Development/Chief Rainmaker.

In his new role, Mr. Lattin will be focused on new business development across all of the company’s current divisions, including, DataOverdrive, and Dynamic Dolphin. He will be working closely with the directors of each division to identify opportunities and drive growth by bringing on new clients and business partners, with a special emphasis on emerging markets and international expansion. In addition, he will be providing his expertise to many departments within the company, including operations and marketing.

“With our ongoing focus on the growth of our business, we are always looking for opportunities to add strong people to our team. We couldn’t be more excited to bring onboard someone with Mr. Lattin’s background and experience,” said Scott Richter, CEO of Media Breakaway. “He is already making an impact on a number of areas within the company and we expect him to become a key member of the team as he settles into his new position. ”

“I’m delighted to be a part of the Media Breakaway team,” said Mr. Lattin. “I believe that the current economic climate provides companies that have a strong financial foundation, visionary leadership, and an innovative spirit, the opportunity to make serious inroads into new markets. Media Breakaway is uniquely positioned to take an even larger leadership role in the industry.”

Mr. Lattin has a long history of professional success in the online marketing industry. He got his start in the industry as Director of Network Development at Cybereps (now Winstar Interactive). In 2001 he founded Adotas, one of the most respected publications in the online advertising industry. Mr. Lattin was most recently CEO of Vizi Inc, a top level interactive advertising display network.

This message was sent by: , Media Breakaway, LLC 1490 West 121st
, Westminster, CO 80234

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Posted: 10/20/2009 5:28 pm EST #


I got that email from Pace as well. I complained to him that he owed me $695 and he says to me… and I quote: “You want a check for $695? That is lunch in NYC. Give me your address.”

My response to him was:

“Sure do. It was owed to us and you guys just disappeared without a trace. You can send it to:”

The big shocker is that he actually did send it and it cleared!

This guy seems like a real scammer though. I think the only reason he sent me the money was because he thought I was going to work with him at his new company. The check was a VIZI check so he must have just closed shop with everyone’s money. He is in my Spam filter now.

Here is the email he used to contact me:

Good Luck!

Posted: 11/3/2009 9:49 am EST #

I have known Pesach Lattin for almost 2 years as a publisher. When he first started at Vizi he was the Vice President of the company, and was only an employee. He was the owner of ADOTAS, an interenet ad publication, not the owner of Vizi!

Pesach Lattin is not the owner of Vizi Media. The owner of Vizi Media was Andrew Moskowitz. When Vizi Media went bankrupt, all of the Vizi Media employees went to MediaShakers. The Owner of Vizi became the Chief Operating Oficer of the US Division, the Vice President became the Vice President and all the sales and affiliate managers went there. Vizi Media became MediaShakers US!

Google Andrew Moskowitz and Vizi and you will see he founded the company and was the OWNER!

I spoke to Pesach Lattin about what I was owed, and he personally sent me a check to help me out. If you read DMX, you will see that many people got person checks to help them out.

Mike == Pesach. 4 total messages, today I read 2 to defend “the poor” Pesach.

He really think all we are idiot.