Vizi Media = Media Shakers

Vizi Media is really Media Shakers United States Division now. Media Shakers bought Vizi Media from Andrew Moskowitz the owner.

The owner of Vizi Media was Andrew Moskowitz, just google his name and Vizi and you will see that he was the owner of the company. If you look at MediaShakers Bret Polansky, Michael Abramov, Eva Kulow and many other employees of Vizi are now at Media Shakers.

Pesach Lattin was not the owner of the company he was an employee hired as Vice President and then the CEO.

Pesach is that you?

how about paying me for the 20 odd million impressions your Vizi scam owes me for

I’m not a Vizi Media employee. As far as I know, the company declared bankruptcy and the assets went to Media Shakers. I’d contact the owner at media Shakers

mediashakers is another scammer company.
They’ll pay promptly for small amount of money.
Once you send more of your inventories, they’ll F you, just like scammer vizi.

If you put in their ads, careful of virus/malware, especially during holiday.

No idea on MediaShakers, I just know that the owner of Vizi Andrew Moskowitz and all the employees went there. Vizi was not a scam, I recieved checks fro two years, it just went bankrupt after Pace Lattin left for another company.

Vizi did pay me in first few months.
After that, the cheque just dried up & they started to inject publisher’s sites with virus/malware.

Mediashakers is following in vizi footstep.
Pay first -> delay payment -> inject malware -> don’t pay & then go bust.
Exactly the same path :slight_smile:

I find this thread most amusing so lets set the record straight here. HI, I am Andrew Moskowitz. Yes, I was an owner of Vizi. I owned 25.1% of the company. Pesach Lattin was the majority owner of the company as well as the companies Chairman and CEO. The buck stopped with him. He owned approximately 65% of the company. I left the company in March of 2008 as I could no longer bear watching it implode around me. I relinquished my ownership of the company in June of 2008 at which point Pesach than owned approximately 90% of the company. I abided by my contractual obligation and did not work again until August of 2008 when I started at Adpepper US where I was through january of 2009 when I was approached by the CEO of Mediashakers to launch the US Division and started here in February of 2009.

All the best,


Yea, he is a snake in the grass. Your friend is now over peddling at CPAEmpire I believe.

Friends Mediashakers has expanded reach and opened offices in the US as well as in Europe as we continue to expand. We add publishers daily and are always looking to expand horizons.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions or needs support.

Hello Eyal,

I’ve been trying to contact you over the phone and by email but I did not get any reply from you.
We have not received any payment for the last six months, even though you promised to make the payment just before Christmas.
It is nice that you add publishers daily but if you don’t pay what they have earned soon no one will be willing to work with you.

What is your Pub ID? I will try to assist you in solving this issue?

Our Pub ID is 82400

i will join

argv1900 is right.

mediashakers is another scammer company.
They don’t payment big money.They only payment seldom money for some publisher.

mediashakers is a very big scammer!! Please don’t join them…

A scammer bought another scammer.

I would check your facts before you say things. You can google “Andrew Moskowitz” and Vizi and see press releases in 2009, where is the President and Founder. His linkedin clearly says he was co-founder and President until the company closed and then moved to Addpepper where he was fired after six months.

MediaShakers=Offshore company located in Switzerland. Raise any questions?

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Hi Florance,

I will be working on it today and update you


Hello Eyal,
I still have not received your update. Any news on that?

How could you use a company for six months without getting paid? I do hope they pay you. how much money do they owe you?