Vivaldi Web Browser

I recently discovered Vivaldi Web Browser, and love it.

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I have been using Vivaldi recently and it seems great! with the only criticism being that I can’t use certain plugins that I use a lot in other browsers such as LastPass. I’m sure that will come with time.

Flash is no longer supported on Linux systems. I use Linux, so now I can’t use a lot of web functionality. Well that would be the case if Chrome didn’t use PepperFlash, which does support Linux and allows me to use Flash on websites. But now with Vivaldi, I have an alternative to Chrome, as it also uses PepperFlash.

While Chrome is a good browser, I don’t like how Google tries control all your data and is increasingly becoming a monopoly. So having another browser I can use is great. It feels honest, and is faster than Chrome on some metrics.

I personally love Vivaldi, and once it supports LastPass, it will definately be my primary browser. I am excited about how it will progress.

Has anyone else given it a go? What do you think?

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I have been using it quite a bit over the last couple of months. There are still lots of features that need to be added but it already has the one I find most useful that Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox (other than an extension for version 3) lack and so I can live without the rest of the missing features until they have time to add them. The way I use web browsers the rewind button is essential and before Vivaldi the only browsers that supported it were Firefox 3 and Opera (version 12 and earlier)

The two most useful features I am waiting for are for them to make extensions properly accessible so that they can be configured rather than only being able to use default settings AND to have all bookmarks open a new tab rather than overwriting the current page.


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