Visual Studio output or console

Hi, I am following along with training for C/C++, my instructor is using Eclipse. He has his IDE (Eclipse) able to show the result of what the compiled program will produce. Is something like this possible in Visual Studio? How can I set this up? Thanks

AFAIK most IDEs have a lot of similar features. Different in what they are primarily developed to work with and usually “plugins” can be added to have it do other things.

In the screenshot, is the top asking if you want VS to use Eclipse style formatting?

The bottom half says it was Built. Did you Compile and Run it?

Yes, but wanted to not have result in separate window. Thanks

I am terribly sorry I answered you question wrong. One of those is the picture of VS and one Eclipse. I think that I have figured out there is no way to do what I want in VS. This was for the purpose of education so users could see a presentation. Thanks so much for the help!

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