Visual Studio on a Tablet?

Hey guys.

This question popped in my mind when I saw that Photoshop CS6 is going to be on tablets, which is cool, but do you ever see MS putting VS on an Win 8 Tablet?

Working on VS is all typing, which sucks on a tablet. Maybe using a bluetooth keyboard to do the typing but then what’s the point?

Yeah, I thought the exact same thing, until I heard Office 15 will be on Tablets. Visual Studio is typing-intensive, so is Word and Excel, so why not. Not going to happen, but it would be cool if it came free with the Desktop license.

If the tablet is just a glorified ultra portable computer (Intel processor) then yeah install Visual Studio…

Would you ever buy VS/Adobe CS/.ect, and use it on a tablet? Just curious if anyone else would develop on a much smaller screen.

I think the old photography adage applies;

Q: What camera should you shoot with?
A: The one you have.

Insofar as art programs go, there were many folks using tablet peripherals before we got fancy capacitive touch devices. And newer ones can capture brush-like input and such, things you just can’t express with a disconnected mouse.