Visitor Location Tracker

Does anyone know of any free software/add-ons that allow you to track (and display) where your visitors are coming from?

In the past, I have seen websites that have this little panels which keep updating showing where everyone on the website is from like this…

Location	Visited this site

Arizona		1 minute ago
New York	2 minutes ago
London		5 minutes ago
Hong Kong	37 minutes ago
Toronto		1 hour ago
:		:
:		:

Any ideas?



Hi Debbie,

This might be what you are looking for (but I can’t say for sure, as I’ve never used it myself):

Perosnally, I would avoid making the information you show too precise, because some visitors might see it as an invasion of privacy. For example, if a visitor from Phoenix AZ visits your site, and then immediately sees you telling the world that a visitor from Phoenix AZ has just visited, they might jump to the conclusion that you are tracking their movements and revealing that information to other visitors. You and I know that’s rubbish, but some of your potential visitors might think differently.

Just a thought.



Thanks for the link, but I should have been more precise.

The person who is looking for one of these probably has no technical background other than basic HTML.

I figured there would be lots of “widgets” out there that basic users could “plug-n-play” into their websites.




Do you know what platform the site is built on? I mean, is it a CMS or blogging platform like Wordpress or Joomla? If so, there might well be a plug-in or widget. No doubt someone here can point you in the right direction, if they know what the platform is.

But if the site is hand-coded HTML, PHP, etc., then I would think it will be much harder to find a ready-made solution.


I’m pretty sure it is a home-grown job.

Definitely not WordPress or Joomla, but to me that shouldn’t matter.

Back in the day, you could copy & paste some code that pointed to an Applet or whatever, and the next thing you knew, you had some new functionality, like:

  • National Debt Counter
  • Visitor Counter
  • Time & Temperature
  • Clock

and so on…

To get what I described in my OP, you would really just have to capture each visitor’s IP address and then pass that on to some Add-On/Applet/Weblink which would do the conversion and figure out what City/State/Country each visitor was coming from.

I’d show you an example of what I mean, but the whole point is that this service this person used just went out of business and so the freebie is no longer available.

But I just assumed these were very common?! :-/