Virus scanner for webservers


If you are hosting your own webserver, have you installed a virus scanner onto the webserver? And in that case, which virus scanner do you recommend for this purpose?

I would not recommend installing any AV software on a web server as it will significantly slow down file systems performance.

If you allow your visitors to upload their own files, you may want to scan uploads directory only. But not the whole file system.

I would use Linux, that doesn’t need an antivirus guard whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you need not to have virus scanner for this specific purpose.


Thanks for the replies.

Another question: Would you recommend installing a firewall onto the server, if your webserver is running Windows 2003?

was that in anyway serious?

docetes, yes it was serious, Linux doesn’t get viruses and it’s generally more secure than Windows, if you wanted to run your own webserver and didn’t want to have to worry about process intensive antivirus protection, Linux would be my choice every time, why wouldn’t it be a good idea? :slight_smile:

Your web server should be living behind a firewall, not running one.

You still need A/V with *nix, what happens when someone uploads a virus for your server to distribute?

avast is the most recommended anti virus in my opinion F-secure is also a good option:)

If you are looking for a free virus scanner for linux/windows try clamAV and on windows for a firewall I would suggest you really really lock it down with the built in windows firewall which would be sufficient otherwise get a cisco ASA 5505 as a border firewall for your server.

Linux is susceptible to trojans, and viruses, just the same as any other OS. In addition, root kits are a larger risk for Linux servers, as they are easier to deploy and write than their Windows-based counterparts. No Operating System is immune to virus or trojan threats.

That being said, ClamAV is an excellent antivirus software that integrates nicely with your MTA on a Linux server. The ability to scan incoming and outgoing emails should be a feature that every mail server has.

For Windows servers, I’m fond of Kaspersky Antivirus, which does integrate nicely with Exchange.