Virtual Strike in Belgium

One message across multiple ad agency sites:

Pretty sweet concept. After all they are ad agencies and had to come up with a powerful means of communication.

Impressive campaign/strike!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Yup, nice idea.


I don’t know why they are complaining really, all other industries have to deal with competition and bidding wars on freelancer sites, what makes them so special. :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Didn’t say I agreed with their point of view, but it is an interesting idea to “close” a website as a protest.


[FONT=“Georgia”]Neither the five words per page thing which was annoying to read (I didn’t read too much).


I don’t get it. They’re complaining about a charter that stipulated that no more than 4 companies could pitch for a particular project. These agencies then binned that charter and started doing it 10 at a time. Now they want a return to the 4-agency system. Surely they have themselves to blame? And who do they expect to sort it out? It seems like it’s nobody’s business but that of the agencies and their customers.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Usual example of a company clamouring for regulations to keep competition out. Happens all the time.


Wah wah wah…

If it costs 80k to pitch a project and you don’t win many of them, well guess what, people will stop putting 80k worth of resources into a pitch or they will go bankrupt.

Change the system and the players will adapt. Time to start adapting advertising companies.