Views in thread information

I want to know why to show how many views a thread got? what is the purpose of showing views of any thread ?

This is a forum not any blog or advertising site, where it is necessary to show how popular a site is.

And instead of showing views, it will more useful to show the no. of similar threads or related ones.

This would be more helpful for users here.

Well these are purely my views. :slight_smile:

And I was not able to find out the official layout/redesign/design thread. So created a new one thread.

Well, if I posted a question and it had no replies but 200 views, it shows that I need to clarify my question!

Yeah thatz one point too.

If you look at ANY one of this forums sub-sections, besides each post is a number of replies AND a number of views associated with it.

It doesn’t need a function it already has, just see for yourself in anyone of the segments. :slight_smile:

@Alex: As far as I’m aware, the suggestion was removing it.